Shenyang C&Q Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. (C&Q) was established in 1992. Since its founding, C&Q has firmly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the amusement equipment industry in China after more than two decades of continued growth and success. 

Today, C&Q is a modern manufacturing company with business operations covering product research & development (R&D), amusement equipment manufacturing, and amusement park design as well as landscape construction. 

Located in Shenyang, a metropolis of 8 million people in northeastern China, C&Q occupies a large piece of property with an area over 55,000 sq meters (nearly 600,000 sq ft). Office buildings and manufacturing facility cover 32,000 sq. meters, and onsite amenities include employee dormitories, cafeterias, as well as a guesthouse and restaurant for visitors and clients. In addition to its modern and green manufacturing facility, C&Q also boasts one of the most talented and creative workforce in the industry in China.... Shenyang Chuangqi Amusement Equipment Co.,

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