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Family Rides

C&Q always focuses on the development and production of a variety of amusement equipment that is appropriate for theme parks, like children's playgrounds, carnivals, amusement parks, indoor parks, etc. It has always been our company's principle to create family interactive amusement products. C-car town, kiddie go kart, AQI bear accompanying electric shuttle car, joyful farm and sea rescue team are all belong to family rides.

Interaction of Family Rides

Do you want to spend your family time with your kids while you are playing? You can try to choose our family rides, they can meet all your needs. Visitors can not only experience the fun of driving but also play some interactive games with their children.

Education of Family Rides

Family rides products enhance children's knowledge of traffic rules, animal awareness and protection through the interactive mode of education and fun.

Experience of Family Rides

All kids theme park rides will build the whole scene according to the story, giving visitors an immersive experience.

Achievement of Family Rides

A unique achievement system allows visitors to rank their game scores accumulatively. Points can be exchanged for gifts to increase visitor viscosity.

Different C&Q Family Rides for Sale

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