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Evaluation of Sea Rescue Team——Tianjin Water Park

Sea Rescue Team In Tianjin Water Park

After careful investigation and analysis, we choose to cooperate with C&Q Amusement according to the information provided by C&Q. C&Q Amusement product’s shape and quality are very satisfying, and their sales staff on the professional knowledge of amusement equipment is very strong. In the process of contact, we found that C&Q Amusement has a standard operation and close process, and they are willing to spend time to meet our needs according to the actual situation of our park to provide perfect services. We are very satisfied with this way of working and hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with C&Q Amusement in the future.

Evaluation of Travel Around the World——Taihu Star Amusement Park

Travel Around The World

We bought this product on the premise of understanding the company and its products. I am very satisfied with your company's products and product quality, as well as the guarantee of technical service. C&Q Amusement provides us with high-quality, fast on-site and remote technical support services to help users solve problems. After equipment installation and debugging, C&Q Amusement, one of the most professional amusement park ride manufacturers, provides systematic training for us, including mastering equipment installation, debugging, operation, inspection, maintenance and other related skills. We hope to cooperate with you for a long time!

It is recommended that the company develop new products every year to enrich users' choices and update the park to keep its growth and attraction to visitors.

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