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With the continuous development and progress of C&Q Amusement, we have a variety of amusement equipment. Amusement park track rides include products such as Joyful farm, Dark rides, Funny farm, Jungle safari, Jungle rescue, Cross the snow valley, The arctic, Travel around the world, Flying and The airship. If the customer has a theme park or wants to create a theme, we, as an amusement park ride manufacturer, will design products and build scenes according to the theme content. Products for all ages, Joyful farm, Jungle safari, Jungle rescue, Cross the snow valley and The arctic are suitable for parents and children to ride together. In the course of playing, children will learn to know some small animals and improve their awareness of animal protection. 

Types of Amusement Park Track Rides

Types of Amusement Park Track Rides
Types of Amusement Park Track Rides
Joyful Farm
A variety of animals are raised on Frank's farm, but his farm is too big. He needs some hard-working helpers to help him, so the passengers take the tractor to Frank's farm and use the super energy gun to increase the energy for the animals.
Dark Rides
Passengers ride into the backroom on a dark ride, shooting laser guns to trigger traps and playing games to earn points. It's a tense game and customers could customize the equipment theme in accordance with their own idea.
Jungle Safari
Jungle safari is a track-themed shooting game. Visitors take a jeep into the tropical jungle with laser guns. There are many lovely animals in the scene. Visitors may shoot targets with laser guns so that the animals would do all kinds of cute and strange actions and the car will automatically record the scores.
Jungle Rescue Team
Jungle Rescue is a jungle-themed parent-child interactive shooting riding equipment. It tells the story of passengers helping the rabbits living in the jungle to protect their homes from the invading wolf. Visitors ride in jeeps holding laser guns and earn points and lottery tickets to redeem trophies by shooting targets and completing projection games.
Cross The Snow Valley
Cross the snow valley is a very popular children's favorite little train amusement equipment. Children and parents can share a small train. The little train runs on the snow-covered mountains and passes through the tunnels in the mountains. Children must be very interested in this amusement ride.
Travel Around The World
Travel around the world is a new concept of orbital-class air bikes, visitors can through control the steering wheel to make the car rotate 360 °, can also appreciate the beautiful scenery around listening to beautiful music, but also can switch music through the car key, the car is equipped with sensors, When the car behind is close to the car in front, the car in front will drive itself, ensuring smooth operation during rush hour.
The flying is a hanging type of sky bike. Passengers could control the steering wheel to make the car rotate 360°. In the process of traveling, the IP characters displayed on the car screen will introduce the attractions of the park. Along the way, there will also be set up chic photography points to automatically take photos of the passing tourists.
The Airship
The airship is the equipment of an overhead air bike, with a pedal and automatic driving dual mode. Compare with Travel around the world, it is more novel, and it added scenic spot introduction and photo function.
Types of Amusement Park Track Rides
Amusement Park Track Rides Safety Rules

Amusement Park Track Rides Safety Rules

Amusement Park Track Rides Safety Rules
Amusement Park Track Rides Safety Rules
  1. Please read the safety instructions carefully before playing.

  2. Children should be accompanied by adults to ride the amusement equipment together.

  3. Please follow the staff's instructions to play.

  4. Please fasten your seat belt and ride the amusement equipment.

  5. Please do not put your hands or feet out of the device during play for your own safety.

  6. Please take good care of your belongings.

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