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Technical Help

Our goal is to create exclusive them parks and IP customized products to meet customer needs.

Customization services

  • Modeling Customization

  • Music Customization

  • Media Customization

  • Map Customization

  • IP Customization

  • Painting Customization

Product safety

The product has a series of safety guarantee functions such as radar ranging, ultrasonic collision avoidance, obstacle alarm, boundary identification, etc.

Operations Management

In collaboration with the Indian Semnox Support company, the unique CSVS vehicle scene Management system allows operators to fully monitor the current state of the vehicle and scene, remotely set vehicle parameters, update games, and enable activities.

At the same time, CSVS will generate detailed and clear order reports, failure reports, utilization reports, and provide professional and effective real data for operation analysis. The CSVS management system improves the management of equipment and operations for operators; Work flexibly and efficiently even during peak passenger flow.

Membership system

  • Membership Points

  • Gift Exchange

  • Performance Ranking

  • Photo Collection

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