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Horror Haunted House

C&Q Amusement haunted Houses project falls into four thematic series: haunted Hospitals; haunted mansions; haunted maze and haunted cruise. All thematic series are customizable. If you have any good idea, try creating a one-of-a-kind haunted house.

Haunted Cruise in C&Q Amusement

Haunted cruise is a new product we developed and designed this year. It tells a story that to prevent biochemistry doctors to destroy the evil virus experiment plan of the world, the task force infiltrates the cruise ship. Finally broke through layer upon layer of danger to eliminate hidden in the depths of the cruise ship biochemistry doctor, for the peace of the world eliminated the hidden danger.

Types of Haunted Maze

There are two types of haunted maze, one is a walking haunted house, the other is a dark riding haunted house. Guests could ride a dark riding and experience the haunted house maze, in the meanwhile they need to solve the code to escape the haunted maze.

Different C&Q Horror Haunted House

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