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Major Rides

The full line of C&Q amusement products, from the equipment appearance to the theme story and park planning and design, can be customized for customers. It makes the client's project or theme park has a different aesthetic perception and more competitive.

Major rides include a variety of products, which cater to guests of all ages. It mainly includes four categories of products, dark rides, spinning rides, bumper cars and monorail sky bicycles. Dark rides theme series include maze adventure and farm theme dark rides. Passengers driving an interactive dark ride and playing the game with a laser gun, the background story with sound and photoelectric effects to create a themed scene, will give them a very exciting game experience. Star storm/galaxy storm as a park spinning ride has a very supernatural appearance. It just looks like an extraterrestrial airship, adventurous boys will love it very much! As timeless amusement equipment in the amusement park, bumper cars have always been popular with guests. With the progress of technology, we developed and produced VR bumper cars based on conventional bumper cars, which can immerse guests in real scenes for crazy collisions. As the star product of our company's monorail air bicycle, Travel around the World has maintained a very good sales. We also launched two new bicycles this year, the flying and the airship, and we also expect them a good performance.

Different C&Q Major Rides

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