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C&Q Amusement Haunted Cruise Ships

C&Q Amusement Haunted Cruise Ships
Haunted Carnival Cruise Ships
Haunted Cruise Builder
Haunted Cruise Ships
Haunted House Cruise Ship
Haunted Cruise
Haunted Cruise Ships
Haunted Carnival Cruise Ship
cases of haunted cruise
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Haunted House Cruise Ship

The haunted cruise ships have always been a major project of the theme park product. Our R & D team has always followed the mainstream trend of the theme park project and developed a variety of haunted house cruise ship series products.

Haunted cruise ships are new products developed by C&Q Amusement. The special operations team plans to infiltrate the cruise ship to prevent the evil virus experiment that the biochemist destroys the world. Finally break through layers of danger to eliminate the biochemical doctor hidden in the depths of the cruise ship, for the peace of the world to eliminate hidden dangers.

In terms of gameplay, haunted house cruise ship combines a variety of interactive game methods such as live interpretation, model shooting and projection shooting games, and combines virtual and real through a large amount of media content and model, scene, sound and photoelectric effects, greatly enriching the game experience.

While exploring, you can shoot zombies, destroy targets, and project shooters to score points and report your team's score at the end of the game.

Haunted House Cruise Ship Overview


Service We Provide for Building a Haunted House Cruise Ship

1. Design the haunted house cruise ship according to the graphic drawings provided by customers

2. Confirm the final plan through online communication, and make the effect drawings of the haunted house cruise ship and play moving lines. 

3. The organs, interactive points, props, staff passageways and so on of each scene will be reflected in the effect drawings and play moving lines. 

4. Provide customers with infrastructure drawings. 

5. Provide online guidance or offline installation services in order to meet the different needs of customers

How to Build a Fun Haunted Cruise Ships

1. First, a good theme background should be determined.The more specific the theme,the more exciting and fun the haunted cruises ships will be.

2. Plan the path of the haunted house cruise ship, where will tourists go through to trigger the mechanism, and where will the actors appear to scare tourists, etc.

3. Create spooky effects through lighting and decorate the haunted cruise ships to look scary according to the theme. 

4. Creating ghostly sounds that will strike fear into the hearts of visitors.

5. Using special effects, not limited to lighting and smoke, we also make mechanisms and silicone humanoids to achieve scary effects.

Specifications of Haunted Cruise Ships

Specifications of Haunted Cruise Ships

haunted carnival cruise ships series products are customized products, product parameters are different according to the actual requirements of customers.

Specifications of Haunted Cruise

Specifications of Haunted Cruise Ships
Features of Haunted Cruise Ships

Features of Haunted Cruise Ships

Features of Haunted Cruise Ships
  • Live Interpretation

    The haunted cruise ships are equipped with actors passage, live interpretation is more exciting.

  • Theme Customization

    All haunted carnival cruise ships are customized according to the actual needs of customers, more fit the theme characteristics of the park.

  • Story is King

    All haunted house cruise ship has its own themed backstories to immerse visitors even more.

  • Immersive Scene

    Haunted ghost ship scene construction and sound, light and electrical effects, so that visitors have an immersive play experience.

Cases of Haunted Cruise

Haunted Cruise
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