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C&Q Amusement Flying Sky Ride

C&Q Amusement Flying Sky Ride
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High-altitude rail car products have been the star products of C&Q Amusement, which are sold all over China. From the appearance modeling to product characteristics are deeply loved by new and old customers. Based on the product of Traveling Around The World, we also developed a hanging flying products. Flying not only adopts the way of traveling but also the way of hanging on the rail, and increases the seats from two to three, which can fully meet the needs of family members to ride together.

Flying is a hanging overhead sightseeing high-tech train equipment, passengers can make the car body 360° rotation through the steering wheel. In the process of driving, IP characters displayed on the car screen will introduce the attractions of the park. Along the way, there will also be unique photo shooting points, which will automatically take pictures of the passing tourists.

Extraordinary sky fly ride, unique driving experience, will bring visitors an unforgettable magical journey.

Specifications of Flying Sky Ride

Specifications of Flying Sky Ride

Cockpit rotation speed:


Rated power:


Equipment driving power:


Control cabinet power supply:

380VAC 3P+N+PE

Track type:

single track

Radius of orbit curvature:


Single forward rated power:

650W (car drive motor)

Single cabin rotation rating:

150W (car rotation motor)


3 persons/car




5 km/h

Overall design life:

20 years (15 years of car body)

Specifications of Flying Sky Ride
Features of Flying Skyline Skyrides

Features of Flying Skyline Skyrides

Features of Flying Skyline Skyrides
  • Driving Experience

    Scenic spot introduction, consumption guidance, advertising.

    Take photos, media optional, task clock.

  • Operations Management

    Vehicle monitoring, fault alarm, report summary.

  • Control Function

    Anti-collision system, constant speed operation, positioning and parking

    Automatic positioning, controllable rotation

  • Custom Service

    Appearance customization, clothing customization, IP customization

    Media customization, music customization

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