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The haunted house is a popular amusement project in large and medium-sized amusement parks. At present, the development of haunted house types is more and more diversified. Our scary house series falls into four main categories, they are haunted hospitals, haunted mansions, haunted mazes and haunted cruises. The haunted maze is an escape chamber, as a secret room escape category of a haunted house, in thrilling at the same time, guests also need to escape through decryption out of the room. All haunted houses have their own backstory and scary scenes. Of course, as a professional haunted house builder, we also offer custom haunted houses for customers with fantastic ideas. The whole complete haunted house packages contain real scary scenes and special effects to promote the horrific atmosphere. Can't wait to create a top haunted house with your evil plan, right? Welcome to contact us for more information about our haunted house building supplies.

Types of Haunted House

Types of Haunted House
Types of Haunted House
Haunted Hospitals
In an abandoned hospital, there is a poor little girl, whenever there is a stranger near, the girl will cry, crying lingering in the whole hospital, for a long time can not stop.
Haunted Mansions
The story takes place in the mansion of Count Vlad. In order to bury his daughter, Vlad kills souls to open the door to destruction and bring disaster to the world. So on the night of the Blood Moon, he invited the innocents to the mansion for a celebration that didn't exist.
Haunted Maze
Guests have strayed into such a horrible secret room, you must find a way to unlock the secret and escape the room in the specified time, or you will be in danger.
Haunted Cruise
The special action team plans to infiltrate the cruise ship in order to stop Dr. Biochemist's experiment with an evil virus that would destroy the world. And you, as a member of the special operations team, must lead them to victory.
Types of Haunted House

The List of Haunted House Package

Build a haunted House Services we will provide:  

1. Design according to the size and theme of the site  

2. Provide drawings of site infrastructure  

3. Provide the whole design drawing and moving diagram of the theme  

4. Provide decoration props for the interior of the haunted house, including internal and external walls, floor, roof, etc., lighting, sound effects, display props, machine model making, etc.  

5. Install all haunted house interior items  

6. Training and explanation of haunted house play lines and interactive points. 

Sample of Haunted House Layout


Steps of Haunted House Building

1. Clients provide theme directions, such as hospitals, castles, haunted carnival cruise ships, etc.  

2. Customized theme story background according to customer requirements.  

3. Design drawings and finalize them after communication and confirmation with customers.  

4. Making products, machine models, lighting, props, sound effects, etc.  

5. Decorate the site, wall, floor, room, etc.  

6. Installation and trial operation. 

Factors That Should Be Considered When Building the Haunted House

1. Visitor passage width: 1.2-1.5 meters  

2. Fire protection: strict safety and fire prevention regulations must be adopted.  Most haunted houses in buildings will need to have fire suppression systems, early warning smoke or heat detectors, emergency lights, etc.  

3. Monitoring system: it is necessary to ensure that there is no dead corner in the haunted house and to deal with emergency situations in time  

4. Emergency lighting: lighting in emergency situations  

5.Safe and unobstructed passage: reasonable layout of various props and hardware in the haunted house.  Haunted houses are usually dark and sometimes foggy, which can increase the likelihood of falls, so make sure the passageways are free of sharp objects and ropes.  The walls must be so stable that they will not crack or topple over if leaned on  

6. Air circulation: artificial fog and compressed air can create a terrible atmosphere, but also increase the concentration of carbon monoxide in confined air, so it is necessary to design a reasonable ventilation and exhaust system  

7. Get NPCS right: When a haunted house builder plans to have actors or special effects, the goal is to scare visitors along a path, not make them retreat.  This can not only ensure the safety of tourists, but also reasonably control the flow of tourists.  

Haunted House Safety Rules

Haunted House Safety Rules

Haunted House Safety Rules
Haunted House Safety Rules
  1. Please read the safety rules before entering the haunted house.

  2. Children under 10 years are not allowed to play this game.

  3. For your safety, people with high blood pressure, heart disease and other diseases are not allowed to play this project.

  4. No entry for the faint of heart.

  5. If you have any discomfort during playing, please contact the staff immediately

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