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Precautions when Children Ride in Bumper Cars

A bumper car is a mobile game facility. The equipment includes an indoor arena and small electric bumper cars for passengers to drive. The bumper car is surrounded by an apron made of rubber. Generally, there are at most two people in the car. There are pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering. Nowadays, many young people prefer to play with bumper cars, and there are also bumper cars for children. So what should children pay attention to when riding in bumper cars?

The rules of the bumper car game are: the driver strives to complete the circle in the field as quickly as possible, and can rampage on the way to knock the opponent's car away. When the time is up, the operator turns off the power when the game is over. Kiddie bumper cars are usually slow enough so that they can collide with each other without harming people or cars.

Precautions for children riding in bumper cars

Now children's bumper cars are walking at the front end of the amusement industry. Whether it is parks, squares or playgrounds, the bumper car industry is very popular with friends. However, you should pay attention to safety in the process of playing with bumper cars. The following are the precautions for children to ride in bumper cars:

1. Keep your body as far back as possible when riding, and fasten your seat belt as soon as possible;

2. You should hold the steering wheel with both hands to keep your body stable;

3. Never stick your hands out of the cockpit to prevent being hit by other vehicles;

4. Children under the age of 3 must be accompanied by their parents when riding. When they are playing bumper cars, the safety bar is mainly used to protect the safety of tourists. Be sure to check the quality of the safety bar before playing.

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