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What Are the Common Amusement Rides?

Now in many big shopping malls, not only can you see all kinds of children's amusement rides, but you can also see many amusement rides. Many adults also prefer to play such games, but some people may not know it. So what types of amusement rides are more common in large shopping malls?

1. Amusement rides: car town

C&Q Amusement Equipment's star product, Auto Town, finally won the A-level "Brass Ring Best New Product Award" for children's equipment in the fierce competition. As an innovative product, Auto Town relies on Chuangqi's more than ten patented technologies in amusement rides, and more than ten years of deep understanding of children's play psychology. It mainly focuses on children's learning of traffic knowledge, and combines education with fun and parent-child interaction. taken to a whole new level.

2. Amusement rides: overhead tour bus

First of all, air tour is an extraordinary experience. Tourists drive in the air and control the 360° rotation of the car body through the steering wheel. They can enjoy the surrounding scenery from different angles and listen to beautiful music, which makes tourists experience extraordinary and linger.

Secondly, manual and automatic dual-use, suitable for all ages. The high-altitude bicycle has dual functions of pedaling and automatic driving. Young couples can choose the pedaling mode, cooperate with each other, and work together to increase the fun. The elderly and children can choose the automatic driving mode to run easily, save energy, and play safely. Tourists of all ages The age group has increased the base of amusement rides, increased the flow of people visiting the project, and shortened the return on investment cycle.

In order to make tourists experience better and operators to operate more conveniently and safely, Chuangqi team worked together to upgrade the amusement rides in an all-round way. Six new functions make the product more perfect, including: pit stop safety collision avoidance system, Vehicle automatic homing system, pit stop positioning parking system, vehicle constant speed control system, Bluetooth automatic playback system, and high-fidelity audio system not only facilitate the management of operators, but also greatly increase the safety and experience of tourists.

3. Amusement rides: dark ride

The characteristic of the dark ride project is that first of all, the soul of the design must be based on the customer's IP or an IP tailored for the customer, create a theme scene based on the IP story material, and realize intelligent control of the vehicle through computer control technology to enhance the experience of tourists. Through video interaction technology, tourists can use interactive devices such as laser guns to interact with the characters in the story when the vehicle is running, which greatly enhances the sense of participation of tourists. The wireless scoring system on the car will automatically record your record. After the game is over, the riding project will rank the tourists' records to increase the sense of honor of the tourists. The dark riding project is created through the sound, light and theme scenes of the whole field, so that the story can be perfectly reproduced, satisfying the fairy tale dream and extraordinary experience in the tourists' realistic hearts.

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