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What Are the Three Elements of Designing a Haunted House?

Now you can see all kinds of haunted houses in many amusement parks, where you can experience thrills and excitement, but for these amusement parks, when setting up such projects, it is necessary to design haunted houses, so before designing There is a problem that must be clarified first, that is, the three elements of haunted house design: story, scene, and emotion.

1. The design story of haunted houses

The difference between display design and theme entertainment design is that the former is to tell the story to the audience, while the latter is to let the audience "walk into the story" through various means such as space, sound and light. The atmosphere of the waiting area is very important for the audience's emotional preparation. It can pull the audience from the real world to the story situation in advance during the waiting process.

2. The design scene of haunted houses

The scene is the part where the audience can feel the atmosphere of the haunted houses most intuitively. Therefore, in addition to the foreshadowing of the foreplay story, the scene is the most important part of the haunted house. This form of haunted house makes more use of people's subconscious claustrophobia and the unknown and fear of darkness, so we need to reflect two words for the space design of haunted mansions:

The first word: "fan". That is to let the audience lose their sense of direction before entering the scene in the scene you set, and can only passively accept the route set by the designer in the direction and path. The audience is always in a "confused" space and direction of the haunted house.

The second word: "fold". This concept is based on the above "mystery", that is, setting up as many polyline turning routes as possible in the route setting, which has several advantages: 1. It enriches more experience points in a limited space; 2. , A certain number of corner routes will make people lose their sense of direction, which can increase the audience's tension and sense of unknown; 3. The corner routes are set in adjacent spaces and stimulation points to visually block and hide, so that the audience does not know what is in the next space. waiting for him.

3. The mood design of haunted houses

Emotional design is based on the story script we mentioned earlier. Rhythmic emotional design can greatly enrich the audience's experience. A good haunted house is not just frequent frights and spoofs. To deepen the audience's memory, as long as one or two breaking points are remembered by the audience, it will be successful. Your work will become a "nightmare in the heart" of some people, a terrifying experience.

When designing a haunted house, the three elements mentioned above must be included. Only by designing these three elements well can a haunted house be designed that people like. Only such a haunted house can help the playground to attract more people. tourists, so the above knowledge is better understood.

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