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How to Play Amusement Park Haunted Houses?

Ⅰ. About the project of haunted houses

Nowadays, most young people prefer to experience various thrilling projects, such as various high-altitude projects or roller coasters. In addition, they are also like haunted houses in corporate amusement parks. How should I play it better?

Ⅱ. The skills of playing haunted houses

1. Be mentally prepared to play the haunted house. Many people are afraid of haunted houses, or they are scared to death after entering a haunted house. The biggest reason is fear. Especially those who start to be afraid before entering the amusement park haunted house, psychologically you lose. If you want to play in a haunted house, you must spend time doing ideological work for yourself before entering, and tell yourself repeatedly that haunted houses are not scary, and there are no ghosts in the world.

2. Be sure to keep calm. Some people are not small. But also scared enough by the haunted houses. why? This is because there is nothing in the amusement park haunted house to scare you directly. Scary things are either hanging on the wall, hanging in the air, or stuck in the wall. Only when you walk past will they suddenly run out to scare you. No matter how daring you are, you are not calm enough. Then it will be frightening! So, calmness is very important!

3. Ensure flexible thinking. How to play in the amusement park haunted house? The road in the haunted house is rarely one road to the end. So it is very possible to get lost in a haunted house. It would be miserable if it was a lunatic. If it weren't for Lu Chi, he would have to ensure that his thinking is more flexible, or that the person leading the team is flexible. Otherwise, you can't get out, just wait to be frightened by ghosts inside.

4. Beware of real ghosts. Real ghosts are essential. But some people haven't encountered it, maybe it's luck. Real ghosts tend to pat on the shoulders. Or run out from behind to scare you. The deployment of machines is often followed by rules, but there is no solution for real people running out to scare people. So how to deal with it? You can only be careful not to leave dead spots around you, or to be vigilant at all times.

5. Don't be careless when approaching the exit. This is the most important thing, all haunted mansions without exception will scare you at the exit. Approaching the exit, players tend to slowly walk out of fear, and even become paralyzed. At this time, the chance to scare the next trick is particularly great. It is also a good opportunity for sellers to raise the fear atmosphere.

As a professional haunted house designer/builder, C&Q provides various types haunted houses, including haunted house cruise ship, haunted hospital, haunted maze, etc. Custom theme of the haunted house is available, we can help to make your idea comes into a reality. Welcome to consult if you are interested!

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