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What Are the Different Prices for Kiddy Rides?

With the acceleration of small city construction, the consumption level is quietly improving, and the gap with first-tier cities is narrowing, which is also the period of investment and joining in indoor children's playgrounds. Big data shows that the growth trend of indoor children's playgrounds will still be very rapid in the next few years, with good development space and still a golden investment project. So, what are the different quotations for kiddy rides?

Kiddy rides quotation by square meter

Taotiebao, Zhoyongdachuangguan, Supertrampolines, Building Block Park, Simulation Driving School, T-Show, and other kiddy rides are quoted by square meter. This kind of quotation for kiddy rides is generally to make a plan first, which includes what configurations to have, and then make a quotation. Taking Taotiebao as an example, it has rotating dolphins, animal seesaws, helicopters, rolling drums, ground pianos, water beds, boxing platforms, globes, and other projects. The price per square meter of Taotiebao equipped with 7-8 kinds of projects is higher than that equipped with only 4-5 kinds of projects. Regarding the quotation of kiddy rides, the specific prices for different equipment and plans are different.

Kiddy rides quotation by set

Some children's amusement park rides are integrated, so the quotation for kiddy rides is always calculated by the entire set. The prices for such ordinary rides are generally about CNY 300,000 to 500,000 per set. There are also more technological and fashion-forward ones, such as car towns, which cost about CNY 500,000 to 1 million per set. The area of the rides quoted by set is fixed. If you want to make it bigger, you can prepare more sets. For example, some large children's amusement park race tracks usually have 2 to 3 sets of rides.  Kiddy rides can be purchased directly from the factory or joined with a brand, which can provide site selection, operation and other support for inexperienced entrepreneurs, and the price of kiddy rides from these two channels is relatively low and quality-assured.

In fact, besides the above-mentioned methods, some entrepreneurs will choose second-hand amusement equipment which is for resale. The price of kiddy rides through this channel will be relatively cheap, but the disadvantage is that there is no guarantee for quality, and the subsequent equipment maintenance is troublesome. Therefore, we do not recommend entrepreneurs to choose this way. Only safe and unique equipment can attract parents and children. When selecting equipment, entrepreneurs must not be afraid of trouble, and it is never wrong to look at more options before making a choice!

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