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What Are the Precautions for the Daily Inspection of Bumper Cars?

Daily inspection of bumper cars, the indoor amusement equipment is important. Nowadays, the weather is getting colder and colder, and indoor children's entertainment facilities have become the first choice for tourists. In order to effectively extend its service life and reduce costs, relevant manufacturers must pay attention to daily inspection and maintenance. Amusement park operators should pay attention to the inspection items of children's entertainment facilities and actively practice them. So what should be paid attention to in the daily inspection of amusement park bumper cars? What are the ways to drive a bumper car?

Precautions for daily inspection of bumper cars

(1) Check whether the power of the equipment is sufficient in time. If it is insufficient, you should charge or replace the battery first.

(2) Check whether the lights, meters and other functions can be displayed normally. If not, a specific solution should be found according to the specific cause.

(3) Observe the tire wear of children's entertainment facilities from time to time. If the wear is serious, remember to replace it in time. And check whether the rebound of the brake pedal is sensitive and so on.

(4) Check whether all parts of the bumper car are normal, whether the connection is tight, etc., so as to avoid accidents caused by loosening, falling off or breaking, and causing trouble to the operator.

(5) Check whether the equipment can be turned normally, and avoid the system being too loose or too tight.

(6) After the rainy and snowy weather, the vehicle should be checked in time to see if there is any wet water.

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