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How to Arrange Indoor Children's Play Rides?

Children's playground is a subdivision market of the amusement park industry, which has been developing rapidly in recent years, and the industry maturity is gradually increasing. Especially in China, it is in the initial stage of development and has a huge market potential due to the large number of children. Recently, many friends who want to start a business and open a children's playground will ask: how should indoor children's play rides be placed?

Placement of children's play rides: popular facility is prominent, and functions complement each other

For some indoor children's play rides that are very popular, the prices will be more expensive than other products. The management should place these play rides in conspicuous places, which will increase the popularity of these play rides and also make new play rides more known to visitors and more popular, reducing operating costs.

The prices and functions of many indoor children's play rides of the same category are different. When placing children's playground equipment, attention should be paid to the complementary principle between play rides. Different functional play rides should be placed together as much as possible, so that children can enjoy themselves to the fullest extent. For example, puzzle-type play rides should be placed together with athletic-type play rides.

Placement of children's play rides: combination innovation

Combination innovation includes the internal combination between different children's play rides projects and the combination of different functional areas, forming a unified overall style. This combination needs to be based on the actual situation of the site, requiring novelty, uniqueness, comfort, as well as reasonable function and proper allocation of functional areas.

Placement of children's play rides: hot and cold alternation

Generally, there are relatively hot and cold door equipment in children's playgrounds. When placing them, do not put the hot door equipment together, which can avoid a large number of customers gathering in one place, causing the passage to be crowded. Alternating placement of cold and hot door equipment can disperse the crowd, increase the play rate of cold door equipment, keep the passage smooth, and avoid physical injury to children when playing children's play rides due to excessive movement and collision with each other.

It seems that the choice and placement of equipment are very simple, but in fact, there is a lot of knowledge hidden in it, and it even directly affects the profitability of the store! By placing indoor children's play rides according to these techniques, more children can experience the fun, and they will be more willing to come to your playground to play. In this way, turnover will continue to increase. Only then can the price investment return of your indoor children's play rides be more, and it will be easier to recover the principal.

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