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China Beijing Attarctions Expo 2021

Exhibition Of Cqamusement Amusement Park Rides and Haunted Houses

The 36th international amusement facilities and equipment exposition will be held at China international exhibition center in Beijing, China from March 25th to March 27th. The exhibition scale is more than 60000 square meters, exhibitors more than 600, professional buyers are expected to be 50000.

The scope of the exhibition includes playgrounds and park amusement facilities, scenic spots, zoo, ancient town homestay equipment, electric amusement machine equipment series, water amusement equipment, multidimensional movie, children’s amusement equipment, toy products, scenic area tourism design and planning, theme park planning design & construction, pool facilities, museums, science & technology centers and so on.

Our company participates in CAAPA every year and has won the product innovation award many times. In this exhibition, of course, we will also display our excellent products, like a ghost house, electric shuttles, and joyful farms. We cordially invite you to visit our booth, it will bring you a lot of surprises!!!

Exhibition Of Cqamusement Amusement Park Rides and Haunted Houses

Date: March 25th to March 27th

Booth No. :1401A

Address: China International Exhibition Center (New National Exhibition) ,88 Yuxiang road, Shunyi, Beijing.

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