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What Should We Do If Children's Play Equipment Wears Out?

1. During the early wear and tear of amusement equipment

First, the new amusement equipment wears very quickly when it is first used. As the running-in progresses, the rough appearance will be smoothed. Then, the wear rate is reduced, and the running-in period ends. It is called the pre-wear period.

At this moment, amusement park ride manufacturers will consciously use the slight wear during this period to create conditions for stable wear during normal operation. During this period, the equipment that has not been run-in should abide by the principles of load reduction, deceleration, and reasonable operation, add lubricating oil with lower viscosity, and keep temperature stable. In addition, to shorten the running-in period, appropriate leading technologies can be selected, and lubricants that meet the quality requirements can be used to increase the utilization rate of the equipment.

2. During the stable running-in period of amusement equipment

This period is a period of normal operation. After the amusement equipment is run-in, the surface of the conflict is hardened and the wear is slow and stable. In the latter part of this period, due to metal fatigue, the wear is relatively accelerated. But it can continue to work. When approaching the fatigue limit of the metal , the operator must carry out regular and mandatory repairs to the amusement equipment to prevent the equipment from causing serious accidents due to excessive wear.

3. During severe wear and tear of amusement equipment

During this period, because the metal outer surface of the amusement equipment has basically reached the fatigue limit, the conflicting conditions have undergone major changes (such as a sharp increase in temperature, obvious changes in surface metal arrangements, changes in microscopic shapes, increased gaps, and deterioration in smooth conditions, etc. ). Therefore, the wear rate of the equipment is increased sharply, the mechanical efficiency is reduced, the precision is lost, and abnormal noise and vibration occur. In addition, the changes in the mechanical properties of the materials will eventually cause the parts to fail and must be repaired. If it is forced to operate normally or even under high load, a major accident will inevitably occur.

4. What needs to be done when children's amusement equipment is worn and torn?

1) You can lubricate the wearing parts of amusement park rides for kids to reduce the friction between parts and reduce wear.

2)It is necessary to improve the accuracy of installation and check frequently to reduce wear and tear. The reason is that errors in the installation position will cause wear and tear in the children's amusement equipment.

3)The amusement equipment needs to be kept clean. This is because dust may cause wear and tear on children's amusement equipment or lead to rust and greater problems. 

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