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Which Indoor Kiddy Rides Is Worth Investing In?

Nowadays, various indoor playgrounds can be found in many cities. Among these indoor playgrounds, many indoor kiddy rides are very popular, and many people want to invest in such playgrounds. Therefore, you must first understand which equipment has a higher investment value and which are worth investing in?

Track car kiddy rides

Track car kiddy ride is the new type of amusement project in recent years. It is very fast, high-tech, and can quickly complete up and down slopes, mountain caves, 360-degree turns on the spot, overtaking on the track, and other actions, bringing unprecedented speed and passion of competitive stimulation to children. Children have a strong desire for victory in competition, and children's go-karts are in line with children's psychology, satisfying their thirst for victory. The flexibility of slowing down on bends, changing lanes, and accelerating on straight tracks creates a thrilling and tense atmosphere, which is the first external factor that can attract parents and children to stop. This project requires low investment and has quick effects and is unanimously praised by consumers and operators.

Car town kiddy rides

Indoor kiddy rides, Car Town is designed based on thematic stories, and according to IP to create thematic scenes, allowing tourists to feel the immersive experience! Not only can you experience the fun of driving, but you can also incorporate games into the driving process through human-computer interaction, enhancing the visitors' experience! Through a unique achievement system, we achieve the accumulation of game points, performance rankings, and gift exchanges, greatly increasing customer stickiness! Learning about safe transportation knowledge during the play process, parent-child interaction, and education through entertainment have been welcomed by parents.

The 2018 IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) "Brass Ring Award" ceremony was held in Orange County Convention Center, Florida, USA. C&Q amusement equipment Co.ltd. won the "Brass Ring Best New Product Award". C&Q amusement's star product, Car Town, won the A-level "Brass Ring Best New Product Award" in the fierce competition.

If you don't know what kind of indoor children's play equipment to choose, especially when investing in indoor playgrounds, you can choose from the above options because these kiddy rides can truly help investors earn considerable profits!

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