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How to Invest in the Indoor Amusement Park for Kids?

Good economic and social development has created a favorable environment for investment in indoor amusement park for kids, and more and more investors are interested in this industry. However, for most people, this is their first time entering the industry and they are not very familiar with many aspects of it. So, how to invest in indoor amusement park for kids?

Principles of choosing the site for indoor amusement park for kids

Height and shape of the site

The net height of the store should be at least 2.8 meters so that the spatial sense of the entire store can be reflected and it appears spacious and comfortable. At the same time, the number of pillars in the store's usable area should be minimized and the shape of the site should be regular to maximize the site's utilization rate.

Floor location of the site

According to fire safety laws, it is recommended to operate the amusement park for kids on the first to third floors and not recommended to operate it above the third floor or underground. Therefore, when choosing a location, special attention should be paid to this regulation to avoid trouble.

Principles of choosing the external site for indoor amusement park for kids

Areas with high commercial activity

These areas are usually business centers or commercial districts where commercial activities are frequent, and business turnover is inevitably higher. This geographic location is known as "golden land," and examples include Wanda Plaza, Guangbai Department Store, and XinDaXin Shopping Mall.

Areas with high population density

Opening a store near a large community with a high population density means that parents bring their children to the store more often, and business is better. In these areas, people of all ages and social classes come and there are more customers. Moreover, because there is a large flow of people, it is easy to issue membership cards, which ensures a quick return of store cash flow.

City center with high traffic volume 

If the amusement park for kids is located on this type of street with high traffic volume, there will be more visitors to the store. However, it is necessary to consider which side of the street has a high traffic volume, as well as the impact of several topographical or transportation factors to choose the best location. If there are several streets with high traffic volume, but most of the traffic is vehicular, it may not be the best choice for the amusement park for kids.

The above are some principles for choosing the internal and external sites of indoor amusement park for kids. Starting something is always difficult, but as long as you find a suitable geographical location and attract popularity, opening a successful amusement park is achievable. Generally, meeting two to three of the above criteria is sufficient, and if all of them are met, it is undoubtedly the best location for opening a amusement park for kids.

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