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How to Repair Common Bearing Faults in Children's Amusement Equipment?

1. Repair of tapered roller bearings for children's amusement rides

When repairing children's amusement ride bearings, the inner ring is reduced due to the removal of the damaged layer, the inner diameter of the outer ring is increased, and the ribs are thinned. If the tapered roller of the original bearing is installed, its basic layout will be destroyed. The intersection point (cone tip) of the ferrule and the roller cone busbar cannot be concentrated at a point on the middle line of the children's amusement device bearing, or the roller will be sliding when it rolls on the raceway. According to the above situation, repairing tapered roller bearings needs to comply with the following guidelines:

(1) To keep the layout of tapered roller bearings as the same, the cone generatrix of each part must intersect at a point on the middle line of the bearing.

(2) Keep the installation of children's amusement ride bearings within the adjustment range of the operating parts.

(3) The roller should not be exposed.

(4) Try to minimize the thickness of the metal joints removed so that the rollers and ferrules of the original bearing can be used.

2. Repair of cylindrical roller bearings and thrust ball bearings for children's amusement equipment

Cylindrical roller bearings and thrust ball bearings have the same repair methods as radial ball bearings. C&Q, as an amusement park ride manufacturer, reminds you that in indoor children's amusement parks, you can choose to increase the rolling body to compensate for the metal damage layer removed by the raceway. Cylindrical roller bearings have double ribs, and the width of the double rib raceway can guide the direction of rotation of the rollers.

3. Repair of centripetal ball bearings for children's amusement facilities

(1) C&Q reminds you that the holding frame of the radial bearing is easy to be cracked, and the inner part suffers the most wear and tear. When repairing, you need to replace the bearing with a new one or reshape it by welding. The ferrule can be repaired by welding, reformed, and equipped (enlarging the diameter of the steel ball), etc.

(2) The worn ferrule raceway should be fitted with matching. When the ring raceway is repaired, the diameter of the inner ring raceway will be reduced, and the diameter of the outer ring raceway will be increased. During the installation of kids theme park rides, a larger steel ball should be used.

(3) The number of steel balls used in the indoor children's amusement park should remain unchanged to facilitate the use of the inherently good holding frame. For bearings without ball gaps, the diameter and number of steel balls that can be loaded are limited by the filling angle (middle angle). As the diameter of the steel ball increases, the filling angle should also be increased. When the filling angle exceeds 180°, it will be more difficult to install. Therefore, the size of the newly selected steel ball should usually be one level larger than that of the original steel ball.

4. Precautions when handling the bearings of children's amusement rides:

1) If the damage to the bearing is not obvious, it can be treated by a welding repair method. Then the damage to the bearing of the new amusement equipment can be solved;

2) If the bearing damage is obvious, the damaged part of the new amusement equipment should be removed first, and then repaired;

3) If it is found that the bearing of amusement equipment is severely damaged, it cannot be repaired and should be replaced in time to avoid accidents.

C&Q amusement equipment Co.ltd. reminds you that the bearings of children's amusement rides are very important. Therefore, we must take care of it when using it, so that the children's amusement rides can be more durable.

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