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Precautions for the Installation of Outdoor Rides

To continuously attract more and more company teams and young friends to come and experience the game, and to ensure that all equipment can be used normally and safely during the operation process, the strict installation process standards and daily maintenance and maintenance of outdoor rides are very important.

1. Installation standards for outdoor rides

The safe use of any kind of equipment is based on strict and standardized safety standards. The customer group of wonder park rides services is relatively broad, but the purpose of people playing is to experience happiness, and it is not allowed to have any safety problems with the equipment. Therefore, the installation must be strictly implemented by the manufacturer's regulations. The reinforcement parts should be specially treated, and the connection fasteners supporting the column and the stability should also be analyzed in detail. After the installation is completed, safety monitoring and acceptance should be carried out.

2. Daily cleaning and maintenance of outdoor rides

What do parents care most about when they take their children out to play? It is whether the children are having fun and whether all the entertainment facilities are clean and hygienic. It is necessary to carry out scientific and reasonable sorting and cleaning and disinfection of outdoor amusement facilities by market conditions, to create a clean and comfortable entertainment atmosphere for consumers. Daily cleaning work is indispensable, especially to avoid dust contamination on the surface of objects. Pay attention to the ventilation of the venue, so that the indoor air quality will be relatively smooth.

3. Strict overhaul and maintenance of outdoor rides

Regular inspection and maintenance are very important for the safe and stable use of equipment. Outdoor amusement facilities will inevitably be aged or damaged in the specific use process. Regular inspection can eliminate various safety hazards in the bud. In addition, the service personnel must do a good job in the field supervision. Sharp objects must not be brought into the venue to avoid falling and causing accidental injury during the exercise, and the players should wear sports clothing that meets the requirements.

Due to the epidemic situation, various entertainment venues have just started operations. For parents and friends, the most worrying thing about taking their children out to play is infection. Therefore, they are very concerned about the disinfection of outdoor rides and the safety of the venues. For business operators, the use of cleaners and disinfectants must be strictly by the scientific ratio, to make the play space safer and more comfortable.

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