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Precautions for the Installation of Mini-shuttle and Other Small Track Amusement Equipment

1. The location of amusement equipment installation needs to be inspected:

You need to install in a spacious area away from crowds. Generally, rail train amusement equipment should be installed in spacious areas. Whether indoor or outdoor, you need to find a suitable installation location away from crowds. The reason is that such a train as track amusement equipment needs to rotate in the venue at any time. People in crowds will move frequently, which will affect the speed of the train, and may lead to safety hazards and collisions.

2. The installation of amusement equipment should pay attention to the track setting:

You should pay attention to the track settings when installing ride on train for kids. Generally, the relatively long carriage won't have flexible rotation. When installing the ride on train and track, you must keep an eye on the direction and angle of rotation. This can improve the flexibility of the carriage movement and avoid problems.

3. The installation of amusement equipment needs to understand the specific method of line connection:

When connecting the line, you need to refer to the connection diagram in the manual. Connect the red (+) and black (-) binding posts on the back wall of the console to the sleeper (-) and electrode (+) in the middle of the train track with a bv copper core wire of more than 5mm. To eliminate the instability of vehicle speed caused by poor contact at the connection of the riding track, additional wiring should be provided on the sliding contact electrode and the sleeper. The control box should be installed in a dry and ventilated room.

4. The specific method of track installation of amusement equipment:

When installing track rides, the track site should be flat and dry. The track gradient is less than five thousandths, and the track height difference should be controlled within ±3mm. The sliding contact electrode should be flat, and the bolts connected to the bakelite board should be tightened.

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