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Profit Opportunities of Amusement Park for Kids Franchise Stores

It is necessary to visit the headquarters of the company for on-site inspection if you want to join a amusement park for kids. Some entrepreneurs will visit and learn from some parks that have better business performance. However, blindly following may invest in a amusement park for kids without characteristics. But if we change our perspective and do something that others have not done, it will be a unique amusement park for kids. So, where can the amusement park for kids franchise stores generate profits?

The revenue from amusement park for kids admission tickets

The main profit of the amusement park for kids franchise comes from admission tickets, and the charging plan is to charge a fixed fee per child. Because the wear and tear of amusement park for kids facilities varies according to different age groups, prices are divided by age group. Adults are not charged but will provide a place with WiFi and sofa seats for parents to rest. This way, both adults and children can relax.

The revenue from amusement park for kids membership fees and membership cards

After determining the amusement park for kids franchise, the store's membership cards can be divided into monthly cards, half-year cards, annual cards, etc. After purchasing a card, members can enjoy a 7-9% discount on the basis of the single ticket price; or members can pay for six months to a year in one lump sum and enjoy a 7.5-8% discount on the single play price. Some amusement park for kids will charge a handling fee for membership cards. There is another form of membership card, which is a time card and a counting card. Buying a counting card can get the corresponding number of play times; the timing card is to buy a specific play time.

Selecting a reliable manufacturer is the most important for amusement park for kids franchise

Selecting an indoor playground equipment merchant with high-quality equipment and perfect after-sales service is actually a shortcut for franchising amusement park for kids. On November 14th, 2018, the “Brass Ring Award” ceremony of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) was held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. C&Q amusement equipment Co.ltd. won the "Brass Ring Best New Product Award". The star product of C&Q Amusement, Car Town, won the A-level "Brass Ring Best New Product Award" in the fierce competition among children's equipment. As an innovative product, Car Town relies on C&Q's more than ten patented technologies in playground equipment and more than ten years of deep knowledge of children's psychology in the field of children's play to teach children traffic knowledge, and elevate the user experience of education and entertainment to a new level.

However, it needs to be reminded that the profit model of the amusement park for kids must be properly allocated during business hours. You cannot overly rely on admission tickets to bring income to amusement park for kids. Only by reasonably utilizing each aspect of the amusement park for kids can the maximum benefits of the park be truly realized.

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